DeSantis or Trump?

I greatly prefer Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump, but I think he needs to safeguard Florida from Covid tyranny, as he is the only leader of a major US state who can be trusted to defend freedom. Trump, by contrast, is a blunt instrument, every bit as crude, ruthless, self-serving and egotistical as the Democrats (he was a Democrat and close friend of the Clintons for a bit). He knows Wall Street, Hollywood and the swamp, is unembarrassable, and doesn’t let things like decency or honour get in the way of his goals, whatever they are. A Trump victory over Biden and Harris would demoralise the Democrats beyond repair. Since DeSantis is still relatively young, he should run for office when he’s older. 20 years from now, DeSantis will still be younger than Trump was when he won the presidency in 2016.


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