Rishi Sunak’s absurd boast

In his government resignation letter and his campaign, Rishi Sunak claimed that he “protected people’s jobs and businesses” during the pandemic, then talked about the “economic consequences of the pandemic.”

Tripe. He was part of the government that jeopardised people’s jobs and business in the first place. The economic crisis we now face is the consequence of the shutting down of the economy and printing of funny money to pay people to be couch potatoes, all of which he presided over.

He’s like a man who deliberately pushes ten people into the sea, throws them seven life jackets, and then takes credit for saving the lives of the people who didn’t drown.

Is it too late to keep Boris? He remains the least bad of a very bad lot and the only one with the charisma and wit to beat the Lockdown-loving Keir Starmer. None of the Tory hopefuls show the slightest sign of remorse or regret over what they did to us in 2020 and 2021.

The tory establishment seems to be trying even harder to lose to Labour at the next general election than they did in 1997. My Dad wrote repeatedly to his Conservative MP to give his support for Johnson remaining in office, on the grounds that he was the least restrictive leader in any Western country, and his replacement may be more inclined to impose measures in future (the Health Secretary has already hinted that restrictions could be reintroduced).

Every response my Dad received read as if he had been calling for Boris to resign. Were Tory MPs being bombarded by emails from Labour activists? Were they not bothering to check how many constituents were writing in support of the Prime Minister?

I was in Whitehall the day before Johnson announced he was stepping down. By the standards of left-wing/anti-Tory protests, there were very few people there. The small gaggle of students shouting rude things about h im at the Downing Street gates hadn’t even completed the writing on their signboard. The people were not up in arms about Johnson’s conduct. We are just getting on with our lives.

For what my personal experience is worth, beyond SW1A, I’ve seen little enthusiasm for getting rid of Boris. I don’t think most people generally care about having a PM with big ideas about levelling up or cutting taxes. A very smart friend of mine, broadly speaking Labour inclined, told me she found the tory betrayal of Johnson disgusting, even though she never liked the PM herself. Another friend, a teacher o all professions, said she missed Boris already. These are people in their early 20s, who like many millennials and Gen Zers, do not hold the opinions that are expected of young people by boomers who think they are down with the kids.

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