Hey, I’m Harry. I’m from West London originally and I currently live in the suburbs towards the end of the Metropolitan line. I enjoy writing and my interests are travelling, history, and current affairs. I come on here to ramble occasionally.

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  1. Great story Harry about the lambs to the slaughter. I’m an old codger (64) but I support everything you are saying. I’m also a biochemist so I can read and interpret the clinical stuff. All the smart people who work in government can also read and interpret the same studies and come to the same conclusions. But it is not the smart people that are allowed to have a voice. The CoviVaccine is the NEW religion and it is the role of the messiah and his prophets in government to convert the heathens. Those that are not converted are cast out as infidels. This is indeed a religion for Extremists, and there are certainly many of them.


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