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“Early lockdowns save lives” False claim debunked

If the British mainstream media of the mid-2000s were as unquestioning as the current set, I think they would have concluded that the Iraq War was a disaster because the UK failed to invade a week earlier. 

Yes, that dreaded report on the British coronavirus response is finally here. Inaccurately called ‘Lessons Learnt,’ the 150-page document predictably concludes that the official Covid19 death toll would have been lower if only the Johnson government had locked down a week earlier. Sigh.

Even more predictably, Britain’s journalists swallowed every word of it, then got to work grilling ministers for all the wrong reasons. Their idea of balance is allowing one establishment mouthpiece to deride the execution of a policy, while another establishment mouthpiece defends its execution. No one gets to challenge the policy itself, except maybe on a quiet day.

No less than 15 times, Kay Burley of Sky News asked minister Stephen Barclay MP, absurdly, if he would apologise for Covid19 deaths.

A good response would have been to point out that Theresa May was never held personally responsible for the deaths caused by the ‘Aussie flu’ outbreak of 2017/2018, which crippled large parts of the NHS, left patients dying in corridors and claimed the lives of a number of previously healthy children

He might then have gone further and asked Kay Burley if she ever attempted to press Tony Blair into apologising for failing to take action during the influenza outbreaks of 1998/1999 and 1999/2000, which caused some of the highest weekly deaths in England and Wales since records began in 1993.

Then Barclay might have added that Harold Wilson was not blamed for the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic, and nor was Harold MacMillan was for the 1957 Asian flu pandemic, for that matter.

of course, he could not have said any of this, and not just due to lack of wit. He belongs to a government that remains committed to blackmailing its citizens into feeling personally responsible for an outbreak. To tell the truth that in reality, we are no more responsible for Covid19 than we were for past outbreaks and pandemics, would be to admit that the torturous coercion, misery and suffering he helped to impose on us for 18 months was morally wrong.

The BBC meanwhile reported it as follows:

The government approach – backed by its scientists – was to try to manage the situation and in effect achieve herd immunity by infection, it said.

This led to a delay in introducing the first lockdown, costing thousands of lives, the MPs found.

Note the last three words, “the MPs found.” 

The MPs (two committees stuffed with Lockdown cheerleaders such as Jeremy Hunt) did not ‘find’ anything, they simply parroted the groupthink of the pro lockdown establishment, typed it up and then called it a ‘report’. 

“Lesson” 77 of this ‘report’ states:

“It is now clear that this was the wrong policy, and that it led to a higher initial death toll than would have resulted from a more emphatic early policy. In a pandemic spreading rapidly and exponentially every week counted.”

In this passage alone we are presented with a rather warped take on morality, one outright falsehood and another wild, unsubstantiated claim.

The view that it was ‘wrong’ not to lockdown 68 million citizens more promptly is a callous and offensive dismissal of the incalculable death, suffering, hardship and societal damage caused by lockdowns. Whoever made that statement should apologise for any hurt they may have caused.

Scientifically, the claim that there was “a higher death toll than would have resulted from a more emphatic early (lockdown) policy” is contradicted by real-world evidence, not to mention numerous major studies on the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

This assertion simply cannot be true. Belgium, the Czech Republic and Peru locked down early, yet have higher Covid death rates than the UK.

Sweden and Japan did not lockdown at all, yet both have a lower death rate than the UK. During the first wave, the virus peaked and flattened at pretty much the same rate in Sweden as it did in the UK and Belgium. There was no exponential rise, the bodies did not pile high in Stockholm. 

If lockdowns were a barrier against mass death, then Sweden would have suffered the highest Covid death rate in Europe. In reality, it ranks 27th, in the bottom half, lower than countries that placed their populations under house arrest, including Baltic neighbours Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Belgium has consistently suffered among the Covid19 deaths per million in Europe. The Czech Republic was initially celebrated by the Zero Covid lobby as a pandemic “success story”, up there with New Zealand and Australia. But Covid came back for them later, and the Czechs ended up with one of the highest death rates in Europe. At one point they had the highest death rate globally. 

Peru not only imposed one of the earliest lockdowns globally, but also one of the longest. Peru maintains the highest Covid death rate in the world, far exceeding that of Brazil, India, Russia, and the United States.

Japan suffered no excess deaths in 2020. It is possible that their avoidance of mandatory lockdowns has been given less attention due to its common Japanese practice of mask-wearing, which lockdown opponents and supporters alike associate with draconian mask mandates in Europe, Australia and America. But Japan was initially accused of reckless inaction.

It needs mentioning that Japan, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Czechia and Peru are ranked in the same order in terms of excess deaths as they are for official Covid deaths, since not all countries are reliable. Belarus, which imposed no mitigations at all during the pandemic, did suffer quite high excess mortality, but crucially, their mortality was still lower than Lithuania and Russia, which have imposed restrictions including lockdowns at various times during the last year and a half.

one lesson that clearly wasn’t learned was that any estimate made by Professor Neil Ferguson should be taken with a pinch of salt.

He is cited as saying that if a national lockdown had been instituted even a week earlier, “we would have reduced the final death toll by at least a half”. 

Sweden, Japan, Czechia, Belgium and Peru prove this to be false. And it’s strange that MPs should take his word as gospel when his Imperial College modelling predictions have been proven to be wrong by time. 

Imperial’s ‘Report 12, impact of COVID-19 and strategies for mitigation and suppression’, published on 26th March 2020 that Sweden would suffer between 66,000 and 90,000 Covid deaths in an unmitigated scenario in Sweden, and 16,000 to 42,000 deaths with enhanced social distancing measures in place. 

19 months on, Sweden’s Covid19 death toll currently stands at 14,882, even less than Imperial’s best-case scenario, and roughly 75,000 deaths short of their worst-case scenario. It’s also worth remembering that while millions of us were separated from our partners and spouses, even if they were dying, Neil Ferguson flagrantly violated his own lockdown to have an affair with another man’s wife. If he sincerely thought that lockdowns were preventing a catastrophe of such magnitude, he wouldn’t have done that. So why do MPs listen to him, and why should we listen to them?

Furthermore, there is evidence, first noted by Professor Carl Heneghan at the Oxford University Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (mentioned in the report but not cited), that Covid19 infections in the UK had already peaked before the first lockdown was announced on 23rd March 2020. 

So the lockdown was pointless, a bit like pushing an already moving train, falling between the carriages and losing both of your legs, then claiming that you got the train moving again, averting a potential train collision and protecting the NHS.

For what it’s worth, you should write to the MPs who cooked up this report, if everyone writes to them, then they can’t ignore it. Ask them, politely, how Sweden did better than us with no lockdown at all, and how Belgium, Czechia and Peru did worse than us with early lockdowns. Ask them when the victims of lockdown will get an apology.

They need to be told, again, and again, and again that lockdowns, however timely, do not work, and that there would not be a catastrophe in the absence of them. Labour cannot be allowed to get away with demanding ‘circuit breakers’, and the Tories cannot be allowed to get away with selling vaccine passports as “the only way to avoid another lockdown”.

The MPs are:

Health and Social Care Committee

Current membership
Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP (Conservative, South West Surrey) (Chair)
Paul Bristow MP (Conservative, Peterborough)
Rosie Cooper MP (Labour, West Lancashire)
Dr James Davies MP (Conservative, Vale of Clwyd)
Dr Luke Evans MP (Conservative, Bosworth)
Barbara Keeley MP (Labour, Worsley and Eccles South)
Taiwo Owatemi MP (Labour, Coventry North West)
Sarah Owen MP (Labour, Luton North)
Anum Qaisar-Javed MP (Scottish National Party, Airdrie and Shotts)
Dean Russell MP (Conservative, Watford)
Laura Trott MP (Conservative, Sevenoaks)

Science and Technology Committee

Current membership
Rt Hon Greg Clark MP (Conservative, Tunbridge Wells) (Chair)
Aaron Bell MP (Conservative, Newcastle-under-Lyme)
Dawn Butler MP (Labour, Brent Central)
Chris Clarkson MP (Conservative, Heywood and Middleton)
Katherine Fletcher MP (Conservative, South Ribble)
Andrew Griffith MP (Conservative, Arundel and South Downs)
Mark Logan MP (Conservative, Bolton North East)
Rebecca Long-Bailey MP (Labour, Salford and Eccles)
Carol Monaghan MP (Scottish National Party, Glasgow North West)
Graham Stringer MP (Labour, Blackley and Broughton)
Zarah Sultana MP (Labour, Coventry South)


Lambs to the slaughter

Imagine a vaccine so safe for a virus so deadly that you have to be shamed, threatened and bribed into getting it.

2.7 million young people, that’s roughly 33% of Brits aged 18-30 have so far resisted the tyrannical pleas to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a disease that is less dangerous to their age group than influenza.

If we continue to hold firm, vaccine passports will be practically impossible come September. But if enough of us cave in, the remaining refusniks who will shortly have less freedom than many convicted criminals.

As cannot be said often enough, none of the COVID-19 vaccines have any long term safety data. In the United Kingdom alone have already been associated with 1400 deaths and over one million adverse reactions including blindness, blood clots, paralysis, MS and still births.

Anyone who dismisses these adverse reactions as ‘extremely rare’ would do well to remember that the Swine Flu vaccine ‘pandremix’ was withdrawn over just one extremely rare, debilitating but non-fatal side effect (narcolepsy).

Yet Cabinet Ministers like Michael Gove, a former user of illegal cocaine by his own admission, resort to peer pressuring youngsters into taking another non-market authorised substance, branding those who decline it as ‘selfish’.

Boris Johnson of all people dared to lecture nightclub owners about ‘social responsibility’ and last week his loathsome little helper Grant Shapps threatened young people directly, ‘If you’re a younger person and you want to go clubbing, now is the time to go and book your coronavirus vaccine. You can do it immediately and that should give you enough time, just about, to be able to, by the autumn, go to nightclubs.’

This is just horrible. But it marks a significant turning point, equivalent to the moment a domestic abuser forgets himself and hits his partner in public, confirming the suspicions of those who could tell he was a wrongun but couldn’t quite prove it.

Now that the abusers have outed themselves, they resort to desperate, pathetic pleas, offering gifts to win their victims back. Accept these  Flowers and a box of chocolates, or else!

Last week, Tower Hamlets Council and the local NHS Trust hosted a ‘Summer vaccine festival’ in Langdon Park, where suckers and dupes from across the capital were invited to get their Covid shots in return for being able to stuff their faces with free food while listening to live music afterwards.

It reminds me just a little bit of that Tennant era Doctor Who episode where the homeless are lured into a free hot dog van and taken off to be converted into Cybermen.

The social media promotions for this ‘festival’ made no mention of any of the potential risks from the vaccine, nor the fact that clinical trials for these emergency authorised drugs are due to be completed in 2023. This was straight forwardly unethical and medical malpractice. If a doctor tried to bribe a patient into accepting a certain prescription in normal times, they would be struck off or at least disciplined.

Meanwhile, the government’s own website yesterday bragged about their involvement with Uber, Deliveroo, Bolt, Pizza Pilgrims (those famous champions of public health) in bribing the young with freebies to get jabbed.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said:

As cities open up, we all need to proceed with caution and ensure that all adults are vaccinated against COVID-19.’

Is Mr Heywood a doctor or epidemiologist? Why is a non medical service provider giving us medical advice? You having a laugh.

The incentive scheme, dubbed “Kebabs for jabs”, tells you how much these ministers and their chums in big business think our lives are worth a a few shreds of dead lamb, roughly equivalent to £8.50 in most kebab houses. If they want to buy me out, that’s not gonna cut it, they could at least offer us a holiday in Atlantis Dubai and £5,000 in spending money.

I am moderately worried for myself, but at least I graduated in 2019 having had a fun filled University experience at the taxpayers expense (what else would be the point of uni for these days?). I’ve been on lads holidays and I’m reasonably well travelled in Europe. I’m settled down now, so I think I can cope with being forever denied entry to Electric Ballroom and Tiger Tiger.

The people I fear for most are the teenagers and students who have had the best times of their life stolen from them by a selfish and powerful minority among their elders, who themselves lived it up in their youth at a time when normal annual mortality was considerably worse than what we faced in 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Did those who ceaselessly call my generation ‘selfish entitled snowflakes’ feel a sense of duty to cancel their lives, wear masks and submit to an experimental jab during the global pandemic of 1968? Of course not.

Nor were they reduced from human beings to the status of plague rats by their own government.

The Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who once described vaccine passports as unethical and discriminatory, now instructs youngsters to get vaccinated for communal purposes, to prevent them from transmitting the virus to someone more vulnerable.

Since ethics of the Nuremberg Code have gone out of the window, what does ‘the science’ say about transmission among the unjabbed?

Now we must thank an unlikely hero, the American Centre for Disease Control for proving Zahawis claims about the ‘unclean’ unvaccinated to be humbug.

A recent CDC study of a Covid outbreak in Provincetown Massachusetts found that nearly three quarters of those infected were fully vaccinated, in a state where 69% of eligible citizens are double jabbed.

The study also found no significant difference in the viral load present in the breakthrough infections in vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, and consequently the CDC has even urged vaccinated citizens to wear masks again

If only the poor vaccinated had waited a little longer, they could have at least got a free kebab for their trouble.

Hey, Boris, leave my friends alone!

Facebook keeps pestering me to get the Covid19 vaccine. They won’t give up!

One feature tells me that I can somehow ‘help to end the pandemic’ by putting my vaccination status in my profile picture frame, pointing out (as if I care) that some of my Facebook friends have done so already. Another one from the ‘NHS England and NHS Improvement’ Facebook page, ever so sweetly threatens me.

‘Planning your summer vacation? #GrabAJab’

‘Spending a day at the shops? #GrabAJab’

‘Going for a drink with friends? #GrabAJab’ 

So friendly. So familiar. So understanding. 

To be honest, I can probably cope without the shopping trips, a dreary enough ordeal without the muzzles and the one-way systems. But I must confess I do love a sesh once every so often and I need my holidays, preferably in Europe. Tropical, rainy countries that require umpteen injections just to avoid the ICU never really blew my hair away, as they do with the Mount Kilimanjaro climbing gap yah types.

However, if I don’t ‘grab a jab’ these simple pleasures of life will become unavailable to me, and I will forever become an outcast. I will have no kind of life whatsoever. Simples!

I still won’t budge for the nudgers. I owe no one a jab in my arm, and I would never demand someone else risk their health or be excluded from society for my safety. I might be selfish, but I’m not that selfish.

But sadly, the mixture of guilt and threat works on most people, including those who never bought into the exaggerated dangers of Covid. Even Winston Smith loved Big Brother eventually.

Last week, I received an Instagram message from an old friend. We both worked in events back in the day, shortly before our full pay MPs decimated the hospitality sector.

Out of the blue, she asked me, ‘what is your opinion on the vaccine?’

Not wanting to be off-puttingly preachy, I answered succinctly: ‘your choice, but I wouldn’t recommend it!’

Alas, it was too late anyway. She replied, ‘I took it (Pfizer) so that I can travel back home easier… and guess who is having a severe kidney infection now.’

She continued, ‘whole day yesterday at the hospital.. now on antibiotics and painkillers.’

I should mention that she is very healthy and in her twenties. As of 7 July 2021, there are currently 24 cases of kidney infection and 33 cases of acute kidney injury, (with two fatalities on the latter) listed on the Reported Adverse Drug Reactions to the Yellow Card scheme. Her case (in the true meaning of the word ‘case’ ) is not listed among them.

She continued, “my roommate had a really bad urine infection after the sake vaccine. My aunt had kidney stones.”

Like me, she opposed the lockdown from the very beginning in March 2020, amazed by the sheer absurdity of the rules and the public’s pathetic acceptance of them. 

But they got to her, like gangsters warning a witness ‘you might wanna think about your family.’ 

Of course, the BBC will not be much interested in telling her story, nor that of one of my regular customers who last week described the AstraZeneca vaccine as ‘the biggest regret of my life’.

Instead, they put out a story about a morbidly obese 51 year old man who tragically died from Covid, who told one of the nurses that he regretted not getting vaccinated. We are then expected to politely not ask if he also regretted having a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle. We cannot peddle dangerous philosophies like personal responsibility and encourage habits that might actually save people from premature death, can we?

Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine cases of young healthy men not getting vaccinated against Covid and living to regret it, such as Matthew Roche, 38, and Darren Howard, 28, who both just so happened to be actors from the same talent agency ‘Mandy’. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, and there have been a lot of those lately.

The monstrous Johnson, who spent his career posing as a cuddly libertarian, dared to lecture the public about social responsibility when he said “I don’t want to have to close nightclubs again as they have elsewhere. But it does mean nightclubs need to do the socially responsible thing.” 

This is the language of an abuser. “I don’t want to hit you, but you made me do it.”

Then the weasel Wales secretary Simon Hart said vaccine passports came with “the heaviest of hearts”, lying that “we are really left with no option.”

No option? How can that be, when Belarus kept their nightclubs, Christmas markets, sports stadiums open throughout the entire ‘pandemic’? How did Texas, Tennessee, and Florida, among several other major US states manage to reopen their nightlife scene without health apartheid as a condition? 

Whose safety is that important, that young people should be cornered into an ultimatum between societal exclusion and taking a non-market authorised drug with no long-term data, that is associated with a total 1470 deaths and 1,059,307 reported Reactions? 

The government’s summary falsely reassures us, “some (adverse) events may have happened anyway, regardless of vaccination. This is particularly the case when millions of people are vaccinated, and especially most vaccines are being given to the most elderly people and people who have underlying illnesses.”

The same is true of People who have with Covid19 on their death certificate in the last 18 months, yet the same summary reads ‘at the time of this report, 128,662 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus’.

They don’t mention that despite Covid19, the UK national life expectancy is still higher than its ever been, and the average age of a Covid death exceeds even that. They don’t mention that even in the most vulnerable groups, the great majority of people infected by the disease survive. They don’t emphasise that many of these “covid” deaths “may have happened anyway”, as they anxiously claim about vaccine-associated deaths. 

Even the doomster in chief Neil Ferguson admitted last year that most Covid deaths involved people who may have died soon anyway. But Would, say, AstraZeneca victims Dr. Stephen Wright and BBC presenter Lisa Shaw have died anyway? No. Nor likely would have the 44-year-old man from Tasmania nor the 48-year-old woman in Victoria, whose deaths from the clotshot (that’s what the kids are calling AstraZeneca nowadays) were recently reported in the revamped penal colony of Australia, another country where vaccine refusers are facing open persecution from their ruling elite.

It will be interesting to see how quickly vaccine related deaths catch up with Covid deaths in countries that happened to have low exceedingly low Covid mortality. New Zealand’s official figures show 26 Covid related deaths, overwhelmingly in citizens of great age and already suffering with comorbidities, at least two of whom had initially been diagnosed with influenza (make of that what you will). As far as I can discover, the youngest victim was a man in his 50s who tragically passed away in September. Bearing in mind that Covid has a year’s head start on the vaccine rollout in New Zealand and that only 18.6% Kiwis have been given at least one vaccine dose, let us now compare New Zealand’s 26 Covid related deaths with the 18 suspected vaccine related deaths reported to the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM). Again, the Wellington regime gives the same false reassurances as the UK Yellow Card Summary, dismissing reported vaccine deaths as coincidental in a way that could just as easily be said of Covid deaths. But it will only take eight more reported vaccine deaths for New Zealand’s deaths from and with the vaccine to equalise with New Zealand’s current number of deaths from and with the ‘once in a century pandemic’. There have been a total of 6,143 reported adverse vaccine reactions, more than half of which aged under 50. These include 21 reports of anaphylaxis, 19 cases of Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis), 12 cases of myocarditis, 21 haemorrhages, 13 strokes, 11 DVTs, and an unspecified number (less than six but at least one each) of spontaneous abortions, acute liver injuries, heart attacks, Thrombosis episodes and cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Already, the cure is far worse than the disease and the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Somewhere, someday soon, a teenager near you will develop myocarditis, while another develops a fatal blood clot for no other reason because they were told that in the end, the vaccine was their ticket to ‘freedom’. It And the blood will be on Johnson and Zahawi’s hands. Frankly, anyone who thinks that these deaths, or indeed my friends’ vaccine injury, were worth it to keep them safe doesn’t deserve to be safe.

Covid vaccines: not merely dangerous, but rubbish!

For the Covid zealots, it wasn’t enough for children to have 16 months subtracted from their fleeting youth. The suicides, the self harming, the domestic abuse, the trashed educations and stolen memories were just a warm up. Now, the mad scientists tell us, your children must be jabbed with an emergency authorized vaccine, for which we have no long term data, against an illness that is less deadly to them than influenza, because the absolute safety of the “adult” population is the most important thing in the world.

On Newsnight earlier this week, John Edmunds of the (Gates funded) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine more or less called for everyone in the country to have their lives held hostage until at least secondary school age children were vaccinated.

‘If we can show it’s (the vaccine) safe, and I think we are still gathering data from where vaccine has been used overseas, in Israel and the US and elsewhere, I think that’s going to be the way we can put this epidemic behind us and children can move on.’

Hold on, I thought we already knew it was safe? Did Professor Edmunds just let slip that we still have inadequate safety data on these vaccines?

Public health commissar Devi Sridhar, a “Zero Covid” advocate and key advisor to the Scottish government, is more confident that the jabs are safe, or at least that’s what she wants the public to think. Appearing on Good Morning Britain last Monday, she falsely reassured viewers that “zero children have died because of the vaccine and its side effects,” while admitting, as if it was OK, that “there have been some very rare cases of children suffering from side effects”.

Zero children? The CDC is currently reviewing the death of 13 year old Jacob Clynick in Michigan who died three days after his second dose of a COVID vaccine. So that’s one.

Also on Monday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference in Milwaukee, where six vaccine injured persons told their stories. Among them was Maddie De Garay, who had been a happy, healthy 12-year-old before participating in the Pfizer vaccine trials last year.

“For the past five months, Maddie has been to the ER nine times, it has been hospitalized three times, for a total of two months in the hospital,” Maddie’s stricken mother Stephanie testified.

The key sentence from Mrs De Garay’s testimony was this: “She (Maddie) was totally fine before this.” Now her life is ruined.

The 2020 Pfizer trials involved 43,448 participants, but not a single COVID related death in either the Placebo group or the vaccinated group. The vaccine group had a severe adverse reaction rate of 0.6%, slightly higher than the 0.5% rate in the placebo group. Given that none of the participants in either control group died of COVID19, it’s amazing that no one concluded that perhaps COVID19 was not quite serious enough to warrant an emergency vaccination programme? Was a 95% effective vaccine really worth achieving given the severe side effects?

The esteemed microbiologist Professor Sucharit Bhakdi described the Pfizer trials as bullsh*t (21:00) last February noting that, “you don’t go around saying, “how many people got a cold in one group, so this vaccine has protected 150 people.”

He added, ” what they said … in the BioTech case was it was (there were) “ten severe cases in the control group and one severe case in the vaccinated group” .. you would vaccinate 20,000 people to save 9 people from severe (Covid). God knows what “severe” meant, they were not in the ICU.”

What happened to Maddie De Garay is just one of the many “very rare” cases of children suffering from side effects in the United States. Of course Devi Sridhar didn’t think to mention stories like Maddie’s, nor the case of the 13 year old boy in Michigan. She also failed to mention that the CDC is now acknowledging a link between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and Myocarditis young men and boys. It might have been worth her specifying some of these side effects, so that people at home didn’t think she only meant headaches and chills.

Last week, US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough told Fox News that the CDC was being “overwhelmed” with vaccine side effects reports through the VAERS system.

“The CDC every year with all the vaccines combined get about 16,000 safety reports and about 25 deaths reported to the VAERS system. So far with COVDI19 hey’ve received over 300,000 safety reports, over 6,000 deaths, nearly 20000 hospitalisations,” he said.

Meanwhile in Israel, researchers at Shamir Medical Centre have just linked the Pfizer vaccine with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare autoimmune disease that can trigger severe blood clots, potentially blocking the flow of oxygen to the heart, brain, and kidneys. Not looking good, is it?

In a civilised society, no responsible parent, doctor, or public health official would even contemplate administering a vaccine with such grim associations to people who didn’t need them. An emergency vaccine would only be given to those for whom the disease presents an immediate emergency, (which is not really the case even in the most vulnerable groups, as Chris Whitty himself admitted last year).

So why is there such urgency to vaccinate healthy children? Apparently, the frightful new “Delta variant” is uniquely contagious and spreading like wildfire among unvaccinated citizens, who will disproportionately be children. NIAID Director Tony Fauci urged parents to muzzle their unvaccinated children, (that’s right, gagging your children and making them feel like plague rats is what constitutes good parenting in 2021) and warned that anyone who is yet to be jabbed is at “considerable risk” from the new variant.

“When you have such a low level of vaccination superimposed upon a variant that has a high degree of efficiency of spread, what you are going to see among under-vaccinated regions, be that states, cities or counties, you’re going to see these individual types of blips, It’s almost like it’s going to be two Americas.”

A chilling prophesy. But do Fauci’s dire warning of “two Americas” stand up to scrutiny? To find out, let us take a look at the “two Britains” that have been created by the beastly Delta plague.

Okay, so the latest available ONS figures show that overall mortality in England and Wales is at normal levels, just 0.4% above the five year average. There were 9,459 deaths in England and Wales in week 24 compared with 9,976 deaths in the same week last year (when there were no COVID vaccines) and 9,445 in 2019. In other words, the Delta variant is having no noticeable or significant impact on mortality. Already, we can establish the current scaremongering from Fauci, Edmunds, Sridhar and the rest is fraudulent, as per usual.

COVID wise Absolutely nothing of any significance is happening in the UK, apart from the disturbing number of severe adverse reactions to the Yellow Card scheme, which is what makes the current push for child vaccination even more irresponsible. The false risk/benefit analysis from the government’s website states that  “several thousand deaths are expected to have occurred, naturally, within 7 days of the many millions of doses of vaccines administered so far, mostly in the elderly” as if to say, “they would have died anyway” but then states “At the time of this report, over 128,067 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus.”

Even someone, healthy or otherwise, dies within 7 days of a vaccine (an act of direct harm if the link is causal), it would have happened anyway and you shouldn’t worry, but if someone dies for any reason within 28 days of a positive test for COVID, this is a national emergency and you must be vaccinated even if you are not at risk. Comprende?

Outfits such the NHS and the World Health Organisation have rendered the vaccine useless by instructing even vaccinated citizens to continue wearing face coverings and conforming to social distancing rituals. If society has to be permanently restructured, people who are not at risk vaccinated, and booster jabs given every few months for it to work against a virus with an IFR of 0.15%, then the vaccine can’t be much use at all.

If you are prepared to surrender your bodily autonomy for a socially distanced, masked up holiday (if you can call it that) in Malta, be their guest. But you won’t be getting your life back. You have to take it back.

Vaccine, through the distorted lens of Channel 4

IT turns out the mainstream media does believe in conspiracy theories, but only if the conspirators are outliers with limited influence. Respectable journalists know what bad form it is to challenge anyone with serious power, and this is why the latest Channel 4 hit piece The Anti-Vax Conspiracy did precisely nothing to address the serious concerns surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines.

Instead, they lumped the Covid vaccine debate in with the MMR fiasco, a quite separate issue. One might as well cite thalidomide in a documentary about the tainted blood scandal.

The use of the term ‘anti-vax’ in the title was itself a dishonest slur, given that most people who have concerns about the Covid jab are not against vaccination in general. Even the anti-MMR movement led by Andrew Wakefield was never an anti-vaccination campaign so much as a plea for children to be precautionarily inoculated against measles, mumps, and rubella by three separate injections. Wakefield may have been wrong, dishonest, conflicted and egocentric, but he was not technically an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

Starting with the false premise of the title, The Anti-Vax Conspiracy opens by claiming that the Covid-19 pandemic is ‘the biggest health crisis of our lives’. The official justification for continued restrictions on our lives, mass vaccination and health passports, rests on this assumption.

Does it stand up to scrutiny? Covid-19 has a global Infection Fatality Rate of 0.15 per cent (Ioannidis, 2021), and while the outbreak has undoubtedly caused serious disease and death, the British government has not considered Covid-19 to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease since March 2020. Even when all the deaths linked to Covid-19 and the lockdown measures are combined, the age-standardised mortality rate for England and Wales in 2020 and 2021 has been no higher than in any year from the mid-2000s going back to 1942 when ONS records began. In other words, we have lived through deadlier years without noticing.

Anyone who claims the death rate would have been higher if not for the lockdown will have to explain why Sweden had a lower death rate than so many European countries that went for strict lockdowns, despite dire predictions of mass death from Imperial College London and Uppsala University.

The narrator continues by claiming, prematurely, that there are no fertility problems associated with Covid-19 vaccines. But as Dr Roger Hodkinson, the Cambridge-educated CEO of Western Medical Assessments in Canada, recently pointed out, ‘you cannot do a trial in six months and exclude fertility problems’.

Then the narrator minimises the real danger of blood clots from some of the vaccines as ‘rare’. Of course they are rare. But that’s not the point. By downplaying these rare fatal blood clots, the programme rendered as unimportant the needless deaths of healthy people including BBC presenter Lisa Shaw and model Stephanie Dubois (neither of whom would have been at serious risk from Covid-19 and both of whom died from blood clots soon after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine).

Other collateral deaths include 35-year-old Spanish soldier Francisco Perez, who died of a blood clot caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, and 27-year-old Jack Last, a ‘fit and healthy’ engineer who died three weeks after his first AstraZeneca dose.

These were young, healthy people with many more years ahead of them than the average Covid-19 victim. They were killed by an act of direct harm, pointlessly and unnecessarily. At the very least, these deaths should have meant an immediate end to the push to vaccinate young people and introduce vaccine passports. But Channel 4 aren’t interested in entertaining this sensible precaution. Instead, they show us some random quack in America flogging bleach products as alternative medicine. Few of us would even have heard of him if the documentary hadn’t included him.

Some of the ‘anti-vaxxers’ featured claimed that the vaccine is not safe, without promoting bleach or going off on one about lizards and 5G. The documentary did not attempt to counter their claims with reason. Why bother when you can far more effectively play ominous background music instead?

The first pro-vaccine expert in featured the documentary was Paul Offit of the US Centers for Disease Control. Speaking as if fully liberated Texas and Florida don’t exist, he claimed that vaccines are ‘our only way out of this pandemic’.

Then he attacked Andrew Wakefield for his retracted Lancet paper, which suggested that the triple jab vaccine for Measles, Mumps and Rubella might cause autism.

‘Tens of thousands of parents chose not vaccinate their children, thousands of children were hospitalised and four children died. You could reasonably make the claim that that paper killed children,’ he said.

Well, maybe, though the controversy might have been resolved by simply making single jab vaccinations available to concerned parents, or by the then British Prime Minister (now Gates-funded vaccine apartheid advocateTony Blair revealing whether or not his son Leo had received the MMR.

That aside, while this segment of the documentary had nothing to do with the currently relevant Covid-19 vaccines, it exposed the selective, dishonest nature of the medical elite. Without challenge, a prominent CDC official can blame Wakefield for indirectly causing a total of four measles deaths. But this very same person will not be held responsible for, say, seven rare fatal thromboembolic events in UK citizens aged 18 to 29 (out of a total of 61 in all age groups) caused directly by the vaccines he wants healthy young adults to take, despite them being at minuscule risk from Covid-19. Similarly, no one at the CDC will take the blame for a single one of the 5,165 post-Covid vaccination deaths reported in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of 28th May 2021. The Israeli Health Ministry is currently probing a link between the Pfizer vaccine and rare and occasionally fatal cases of myocarditis (heart inflammation) in young, previously healthy recipients. If this link is established, and four indirect deaths were enough to get Wakefield cast into the Wilderness, where does that leave the health officials who coerced young people into unnecessarily risking their health for communal purposes?

The next expert wheeled out to denounce Andrew Wakefield was British Medical Journal editor Fiona Godlee, who explained that her reexamination of his Lancet paper found him to have manipulated information to ‘fit his case’, adding that Wakefield failed to declare financial conflicts of interest in his study.

No doubt. But in a 2018 BMJ article, Godlee called for drugs to be legalised. Will she take responsibility for any drug-related deaths and mental illness caused by the cannabis, cocaine, and heroin free-for-all she ignorantly supports?

Offit and Godlee are entitled to their opinions, but they are at least as flawed and biased as Andrew Wakefield. However, because they are aligned with the political consensus, they are far less vulnerable to fact checks, negative media portrayals and social ostracisation. Scrutiny is applied only to those fighting an upward battle.

The documentary issues a chilling statement towards the end: ‘The anti-vax movement is riding a wave of populism where people can choose their own facts. Now it’s political. They’re preaching a new world order, an outright rejection of science, experts, and established authority.’

An outright rejection of established authority? The narrator might as well have said ‘the peasants are revolting’.

As for rejecting science and experts, this is another one of those false assertions. There are plenty of distinguished experts with serious doubts about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines. Of course, none was brought on to voice their thoughts.

As it happens, the vaccine-hesitant community get their information from the government, just not via the daily briefings like everyone else. It’s really a matter of emphasis.

The lessons of history are wasted on us.

The problem with the Covid19 vaccines is that we simply do not have enough information about their side effects, and no one should be shamed or have their lives restricted for having this reasonable, wholly unselfish concern, especially not by the President of the United States.

The vaccine nudgers in the media and government deliberately miss the point about the supposedly “extremely rare” side effects of these vaccines, which include fatal blood clots in some cases. The point is that our “brilliant” scientists knew nothing about the blood clots when the vaccine was first administered to citizens in December. So what else don’t they know about?

First, we were told “this vaccine is safe, get vaccinated.” Then, they said, “the benefits of this vaccine outweigh the risks, get vaccinated.” Then the goalposts were moved further: “the benefits of that vaccine outweigh the risks if you are over the age of 30, but get vaccinated.” And now, “the benefits of this vaccine outweigh the risks if you are over 40, but get vaccinated, or else!”

If this is how much “the science” has changed in a few months, what will “the science” be a year or two from now? What will we know in the future, that cannot be established now? If countries like Denmark and Slovakia can suspend the rollout of a vaccine as a precaution, why are individual citizens stupid or callous or declining the vaccine as a precaution?

Any reasonable government would have at the very least stopped blackmailing people into getting vaccinated by now. Instead, they have the brass neck to demand that we put our lives in their hands as if we owe it to them. Coerced vaccination is not merely mandatory vaccination, it is mandatory trust, both in government and in “the science”, whatever that is.

It is worth reminding those with a short memory that Tobacco was “safe” for decades. The scientific community promoted smoking not only as being safe, but healthy. They were, of course, assisted by celebrity airheads, some of whom would later become senior politicians. And for some 50 years, the overwhelming majority of people were dumb enough to believe it. Who could have guessed that inhaling tar into your lungs twenty times a day, every day, for years, might be bad for your health? We only see grim warnings about heart disease, lung cancer, and er.. infertility on cigarette packaging today because scientific outliers of yesterday eventually overwhelmed the consensus with evidence. But society insisted on waiting half a century for science to confirm the blazingly obvious, by which time it was too late for millions of people.

More recently and more relevant to our present situation fiasco, the swine flu vaccine, Pandremix, was declared safe by regulators in 2009. It was safe, for most people. But for some 1000 people, most of whom were not at any significant risk from Swine Flu, the vaccine triggered narcolepsy, a crippling chronic sleep disorder that leaves sufferers unable to stay awake for long periods of time, regardless of how much sleep they had. It was only after it was too late for them that the authorities conceded there was a link between Pandremix and Narcolepsy.

One of the victims of Pandremix, 23-year-old Katie Clack, committed suicide because her narcolepsy left her with “no quality of life”. The Guardian newspaper told Katie’s story in 2015, but how willing would they be to tell the story of, for instance, Utah teenager Everest Romney, a healthy athlete who was hospitalized with blood clotting to his brain after receiving the Pfizer vaccine?

In 2018, the progressive news website “Buzzfeed” issued a powerful feature about NHS workers who had their lives and careers ruined by the side effects of the swine flu vaccine. One nurse, Meleney Gallagher, told Buzzfeed, “I was pressured into it.” The article was published under the headline: “These NHS Staff Were Told The Swine Flu Vaccine Was Safe, And Now They’re Suffering The Consequences.”

But that was published in a different era. Earlier this month the same website published a slavish article with the headline: “15 anti Vaxxers who were roasted on the internet.”

If history is anything to go by, the idiots out there who think it’s acceptable to bully their vaccine hesitant friends, colleagues, strangers, and even close family with snide threats like “if you don’t get vaccinated you won’t be able to go on holiday!” are going to look very silly ten years from now.

As the media whips up hysteria over India, it’s more important than ever for us to see Covid in proportion

I finally got my hair cut on Friday. Afterwards, I visited a nearby coffee shop, which was functioning as a takeaway because, unlike the barbers you see, it is still far too dangerous to set foot inside a cafe. Anyway, while I waited for my tea in an awkward, triangular queue on the roadside, I overheard a fellow customer say to another: “it’s terrible what’s happening with Covid in India, isn’t it?”

Clearly, the customer was referring to the sad news footage that has been beamed into our “safe” living rooms from Delhi and other places in India, of breathless patients dying in overwhelmed hospitals. Of course, it’s terrible, and if Britain can do anything to alleviate the suffering out there, then it should. But why is there such a fixation on India, of all the countries in the world that have been hit by Covid19? Is the current situation over there unprecedented enough to be described as a “catastrophe”, as Scottish despot Nicola Sturgeon did in a tweet vilifying anti-lockdown protestors?

The short answer is no, and India is being unfairly singled out. A week earlier, when Brazil was in the spotlight, the same customer in the same queue discussing the same subject would likely have said: “it’s terrible what’s going on in Brazil, isn’t it?”

It’s wise to be skeptical when faced with emotive journalism that expects readers and viewers to take what they see at face value. Images from Italy in March last year, of coffins piling up in churches and being transported by military vehicles through abandoned cities, sent the world into hysterics. It looked like something out of the pandemic thriller Contagion, but the reality was a lot less scary, if more infuriating. The disturbing scenes were simply the result of the Italian government’s decision to ban funerals, but the facts were redundant at this stage.

The global alarm in Spring 2020 was sustained further when aerial footage of the Hart Island public graveyard in New York City went viral, and was subsequently lapped up as a “mass grave” by many major broadcasters in the UK and US. It remains true that the graveyard was much busier than normal, but the whole truth was less scary, if much sadder. The site had been used by the city since 1869 as a burial place for deceased individuals who were either unclaimed or whose families didn’t plan funerals for them, and the increase in bodies arriving at Hart Island was largely due to a change in New York’s storage policy, which shortened the maximum amount of time a medical examiner could keep a body in storage.

Of course, Italy and New York (especially New York) were hit hard by Covid and alas, some hospitals were overwhelmed. But hospitals being overwhelmed, though awful and unacceptable, is known to happen (more on that later).

The British media, keen to show us cremations but reluctant to show us context, seems to decide what concerns people. It also decides what the public doesn’t know about that perhaps they should know about. This is proven by the simple fact that Hungary, not India, currently has the highest Covid19 death rate globally, yet there is no floundering panic or particular concern about Hungary on the airwaves.

At the time of writing (26th April 2021) the main story on the BBC News website’s Asia section, from India, is “Patients suffer at home as Covid chokes hospitals”. Attached is an image of a Covid patient wearing an oxygen mask. By contrast, the headline on BBC News’ Europe section, reads (again, at the time of writing): “EU hints at summer return for US travelers”. There are also stories about the loosening of Covid restrictions in Scotland and Ireland, The liberal elite’s favorite right-wing extremist Alexei Navalny, and a piece about a man who lived alone on an island for 32 years (fancy a swap?). But there is not a single mention of Hungary, even despite its unfashionable “populist” President, Viktor Orban, who by submitting to the pro lockdown consensus dodged the universal condemnation that has been directed at his equivalents in America and Brazil.

BBC News Asia, India currently has the 22nd highest Covid death rate in Asia (26/4/2021)
BBC News Europe: No mention of Hungary, which currently has the highest Covid death rate of any nation state in the world (26/4/2021)

The severity of the current situation in India is being measured not in excess deaths, but the number of official Covid deaths, largely exacerbated by a shortage of oxygen supplies, a technical issue. It is of course possible that India’s true death toll may be higher. But if we stick to the official numbers that all major news outlets are repeating, then India’s Covid death rate is not even among the worst 100 countries globally. Currently, their death rate ranks only 22nd worst in Asia, lower than in countries such as the Philippines, whose psychopathic leader called for lockdown flouters to be shot, but higher than Japan, which never put its citizens under house arrest at any point during the pandemic, even during their declared “state of emergency”.

It’s worth highlighting that India is a young nation and the average life expectancy there is 69.4. 88% of India’s Covid deaths are in the age group of 45 and above. When The Times of India examined 125 people who died from Covid in New Delhi, it found that the average age of death was 60, and that of the cases examined, 35% had one pre existing condition, 40% had two, and 17% had more than three. The German data company Statista states that the age group between 60 and 74 years had the highest share of Covid deaths, in line with findings from other countries.

The most recent figures show that India suffered an increase of roughly 2,800 new Covid deaths in the space of 24 hours, while Hungary has seen an increase of roughly 205 new Covid deaths in the same timespan. Yesterday’s figure for India was their highest daily death toll recorded so far, while Hungary’s deadliest day in Covid so far, 7th April 2021, saw 311 Covid deaths. The Covid death numbers from the last few days have been fairly consistent in both Hungary and India, over 200 and 2,500 respectively.

But, since the main stations forget to remind viewers, it is important to remember that India has a population of almost 1.4 billion (1,336,0000,000, according to 2019 estimates), while Hungary has a population just shy of 9.8 million people (2019 estimate). A death toll that reaches the thousands in a country that contains more than 17% of the world’s population is not surprising. In fact, given India’s vast population (not to mention extreme poverty), it’s remarkable how relatively low their recent daily death tolls are compared with the rest of the world, even if we assume there is a problem with undercounting. The death rate, i.e the number of deaths per million, is a more reliable measure of how bad the situation in a country truly is than a crude death toll without context, as it considers the number relative to the population.

If we are generous to the catastrophists and act as if India’s population hasn’t risen considerably in the last two years (which would make any death toll appear to claim a higher percentage of the population then it actually has, and might compensate for any Covid deaths that may not be accounted for), and even more generously assume that every one of these officially labeled Covid deaths was directly caused by Covid, not heart disease, old age, road collisions or gunshot wounds, then roughly 0.0002% of India’s population was lost to Covid yesterday. But Hungary’s 205 new Covid deaths account for 0.002% of their population, meaning 25th April was proportionally a deadlier day for Hungary than it was for India. And who’s to say the Hungarian death toll isn’t “likely higher“, as is very reasonably suspected to be the case in India?

Though the news of “2,800 deaths” sounds scarier to TV audiences than “205 deaths”, the latest number from India is roughly the equivalent of 120 Covid deaths in a day in England and Wales, which would not be regarded as a particularly grim milestone even by the doom-mongers in Whitehall, Holyrood, and Fleet Street.

Update (30th April 2021) ***John Burn Murdoch, a senior data-visualization journalist at the Financial Times, stated recently that “overall, numbers of Covid victims who have been cremated are 10x larger than official Covid death counts in same areas”.

Again, let’s be super generous and assume that India’s real Covid death toll is ten times the official number, which would be 2 million. 2 million Covid deaths, divided by 1.4 billion people, would be 0.14% of India’s population lost to the pandemic (0.15 if divided by 1.366 billion, India’s estimated 2019 population). The Hungarian death toll, which may be an underestimate, stands at 27,358, which is 0.28% of Hungary’s 9.8 million people. The current death toll in Peru, (which is strongly suspected to be a vast underestimate, as Peru has by far the highest excess death rate in the world) stands at 61,101. Divide that by Peru’s 32.5million people, and that’s 0.18% of their population lost to Covid.

So even if the true figure for India was ten times higher than what is being reported, Covid’s toll on India would still be proportionally less catastrophic than it is in many countries which we hear so little about.****

In the UK, the highest number of Covid deaths recorded in a single day was 1,820 on 20th January 2021, which is roughly 0.003% of the UK population (2019 estimate), a larger percentage of the British population than Hungary and India lost in any of the last seven days. And yes, Britain was in a state of grave panic at the time, enhanced by the Johnson government’s “look them in the eyes” campaign.

So now that we have established that Britain recently endured Covid mortality rates worse than what India is going through now, it’s time to ask how scared we ought to have been at the time of the second wave. If we can figure that out, then we can work out whether the frantic coverage of India is justified or alarmist.

Britain’s “deadliest day of the pandemic” happened in the week ending on 22nd January 2021, in which a total of 18,676 people passed away from all causes in England and Wales, roughly 0.03% (0.0312% more precisely) of the population of England and Wales. (I will now refer just to the population of England and Wales according to the ONS, not the estimated population of the entire United Kingdom in 2019).

The 18,676 deaths that occurred that week made it one of the highest tolls since the ONS began recording weekly deaths in 1993. But, importantly, it was a smaller total than the 20,566 deaths recorded in the week ending on 7th January 2000, when there was a bad flu outbreak and the 20,116 people who died a year before in the week ending on 8th January 1999, again during a bad flu season. When you adjust the population of England and Wales, which has risen by more than 7.6 million since 2000, the weekly all-cause death toll in the third week of this year was even smaller still.

In 1999, 20,116 deaths were roughly 0.04% of the population (0.0387% exactly), as were 20,566 deaths in January 2000 (0.0394% more precisely). The 22,351 people who died in the deadliest week of last year, ending on 17th April 2020, also comprised 0.04% (0.0373% to be exact) of people in England and Wales, making the total mortality peaks of the first and second waves of the pandemic slightly less deadly than the first weeks of January 1999 and January 2000.

To cut a long story short, the British people dutifully cowered at home when Covid did its worst in April 2020 and January 2021, but not during the 1999/2000 influenza outbreak, when the country experienced mortality levels that were ever so slightly proportionally worse than what we faced in the last year. The sensible and foolishly abandoned UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011 even noted the severity of the 1999/2000 outbreak, and pointed out that in spite of it, “day-to-day life for most people continued largely unaffected.

Interestingly, a BBC special report from 11th January 1999 called “The crises’ of Winters future” describes the 1998/1999 flu crisis, which at its peak was slightly worse than each wave of the Covid crisis, as “nowhere near pandemic levels.” The report also mentions the recognized global pandemics of 1918, 1957, and 1968, the latter two of which caused little disruption in day-to-day life.

In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, England and Wales experienced lower overall mortality than they did during a relatively recent outbreak that didn’t qualify as a pandemic. Lockdown supporters assert that excess mortality would have been much higher had it not been for lockdown, but there is no evidence for this. Sweden (or should I say nature) flattened its curve at a similar rate to us without putting its citizens under house arrest or forcing its small businesses to close. Not only that, but their excess mortality has been lower than so many of the European countries that simultaneously locked down, such as Belgium, Spain, the Czech Republic, and of course, Britain, not to mention Hungary.

Coming back to India while admittedly, we do not yet know the total number of deaths. But it’s the media that is jumping to conclusions, and since they so cynically broadcast footage of overwhelmed hospitals, morgues, and crematoriums, prompting condemnation against those of us who “cry freedom” from influential celebrities like Sue Perkins, it is worth mentioning what the flu outbreaks at the end of the last millennium did to our NHS, while life for most people, including Sue Perkins, continued “largely unaffected”.

One BBC article from 8th January 2000, describes overflowing morgues as a “body jam”. It goes:

Last winter Norfolk and Norwich Hospital sparked outrage when it drafted in a refrigerated lorry to cope with a “body jam” as unprecedented demand was piled on its mortuary.

This year, largely without comment, the lorries have returned in numbers, with bodies being piled into trailers parked outside Eastbourne District General Hospital and Hastings Conquest Hospital in East Sussex.

January 1999: Influenza overwhelms the NHS

Another BBC article from the previous year reports that “as few as 20 intensive care beds across the whole of England were available” as the NHS struggles to “cope“, mentioning the storage lorries being used as temporary morgues.

Walsall Manor Hospital had to turn away emergencies for 90 minutes on Sunday, while other hospitals in the region were forced to cancel operations,” it reads.

Attached is an image of an influenza patient wearing an oxygen mask.

There is a lot of finger-pointing and political point-scoring in these valuable historical documents, but no one appears to consider mass house arrest or even mandatory mask-wearing. Lockdowns didn’t even occur to the Prime Minister at the time, himself now a cheerleader for lockdowns and health passports. He was more into bombing countries back then.

The media’s Covid catastrophism just doesn’t add up. Even the recent, sensationalist coverage of Brazil was less insulting to the intelligence than their exploitation of the sad scenes in India.

Yes, Nicola Sturgeon, we already know that Covid is not a hoax, it is very real, and it does kill people. No, Nicola Sturgeon, it does not justify the grotesque, absurd, and very dangerous measures you and your dud equivalents around the world have inflicted on your citizens.

Enough is enough.

Doctors Without Proportion: Fact-checking Médecins Sans Frontières and others on Brazil

Selective outrage strikes again. The medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières issued a statement last week declaring the COVID-19 situation in Brazil a “humanitarian catastrophe“.

Its International President, Dr. Christos Christou pointed the finger at the Brazilian authorities, accusing them of refusing to adopt “evidence-based public health measures”.

Science-based policies are associated with political opinions, rather than the need to protect individuals and their communities from COVID-19,” he said.

But what are these “science-based” policies he speaks of, and what evidence is there for them?

In the same statement, MSF General Director Meinie Nicolai said, “the wearing of masks, physical distancing, strict hygiene measures, and the restriction of non-essential movement and activities must be promoted and implemented in the community.

Ah, those.

Much of the media, particularly the BBC and The Guardian, has been pushing this message all week. As with Italy last year, we are presented with harrowing footage of sick patients in ICUs, bereaved families, and coffins being lowered into graves by figures in hazmat suits.

And then we are told that Brazil’s handling of the pandemic is the “worst in the world“, that it’s all the fault of their unlovely President Jair Bolsonaro and his “right-wing” government for not being civilised like the rest of the world and putting their citizens under house arrest for their own good. But does this conventional wisdom stand up to scrutiny?

Short answer: no. While the numbers from different countries do tell us that Brazil’s excess mortality rate is high, and that its Covid deaths per million rate is (only as of this month, more than a year into the pandemic) now the highest in South America by a small margin, they also show us that it is not **the highest** in the world.

Crucially, they show that Brazil’s overall mortality rate is nowhere near as bad as those of several countries which stringently imposed the very “science-based” restrictions MSF advocates, including European countries with much lower levels of poverty than Brazil.

Independent SAGE member Martin McKee, who works for the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, authored a paper stating that countries with “populist” leaders, including Brazil, the USA, Russia, India (and the UK apparently) were “among the worst” in responding to the pandemic. Note the use of the word “among”. Which other countries that are not necessarily lead by populists are also “among” the worst performing nations?

For making fair comparisons, all-cause death rates are a more reliable measure than the official Covid death figures, which though important, are vulnerable to the problems of undercounting and overcounting. Furthermore, simply comparing raw death tolls doesn’t take into account the different numbers of inhabitants in different countries.

This should be obvious, but it needs saying when, for example, BBC reporters say things like “Brazil has by far the highest overall death toll in Latin America,” as if that ought to shock people when Brazil also has “by far” the largest population in Latin America.

A Guardian feature last week reported that Brazil’s official Covid death toll was among the highest in the world, “second only” to the US, but failed to mention that Brazil’s some 211 million citizens make Brazil one of the most populous countries in the Western Hemisphere, “second only” to the US.

A higher death toll in a country with a higher population, though not necessarily inevitable (more on that later) is not surprising, and if we don’t factor this in, then why might as well congratulate San Marino for having a lower death toll than Brazil.

The Economist’s excess death tracker, which combines data from The World Mortality Dataset and the Human Mortality Database, shows that the country with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants in the world is not Brazil, but their South American neighbor, Peru, which has an unenviable 412 excess deaths per 100,000. Brazil, by comparison, stands at 183 deaths per 100,000, which is not only less bad than Peru, but also less bad than neighbors Bolivia, at 203 per 100,000, and Ecuador at 281 per 100,000.

A damning article in the British Medical Journal, published last month, points out that Peru’s excess death rate is “more than twice that of the US and the most of any large nation”

It continues: “The government reported that 47 000 Peruvians (now 58,000) have died from covid-19 so far—though excess death figures suggest that, because of undertesting, the actual total is closer to 85 000.”

The media loves to demonize Sweden’s shunning of lockdowns by comparing its lower-than-much-of-Europe death rate exclusively with the exceptionally low death rates of its less populated Scandinavian neighbors (if Sweden was compared with Baltic neighbors Lithuania and Poland it would look good by comparison). Why then, do they never compare Brazil with its less populated immediate neighbors?

Why did Good Morning Britain’s Dr. Hillary Jones lecture the well-informed pub landlord, Rod Humphries, about the Covid crisis in Brazil, but not Peru?

More importantly, where were the fact-checkers when Dr. Jones said, “if you look at all the countries that locked down earlier, they’ve had better health outcomes and better economies”?

The “independent” fact checkers only patrol dissenting voices, but never establishment mouthpieces. So I will. Fact check: False.

The highest excess deaths and Covid death rates in Europe include countries that “locked down sooner” such as the Czech Republic and also Belgium, whose “failed strategy” is never compared with those of its neighboring states, (nor denounced by its King, for that matter).

By contrast Japan, a densely populated, rapidly ageing nation of over 126 million people, neither locked down nor mass tested its citizens, nor even shut itself off from the world, despite grim warnings from its own health ministry of 400,000 Covid deaths and accusations of doing “too little, too late”.

And yet, little known to many, Japan suffered no excess deaths at all last year. This cannot be attributed to Japan’s ‘mask culture’, because strict mask mandates have failed to prevent high death rates in Europe and the Americas, even when combined with contact tracing and lockdowns.

But Peru, a poverty-stricken, Latin American nation like Brazil, is worth focusing on because it locked down earlier on 16th March 2020, and prolonged the lockdown until the end of June. There was no “dithering“, as Sir Keir Starmer often complains when the Johnson government isn’t flattening the country quickly enough for his liking. Peru’s three and a half month lockdown was also accompanied by curfews, border closures, and mask mandates.

A Guardian article last year admitted that Peru’s timely, “science-based” restrictions failed. Alas, they drew the wrong conclusions and made excuses for Peru.

This evidence averse mentality is similar to that of some academics, always able to explain why the consistently failed communist experiments around the world, “don’t count”. New Zealand has taken over from Cuba as the intelligensias’ new exaggerated, morally dubious success story that has largely depended on its geographical advantages to dupe people into idealising it.

The article quoted Elmer Huerta, a “trusted” Peruvian TV doctor, as saying: “Peru’s response was right on time. It was the first country in Latin America to respond with a lockdown. But the problem was people’s behavior.

He continued: “The fact that on the eighth week of confinement you have thousands of people who are positive means that those people got the virus while the country was in lockdown – which means they did not respect the law.

This assertion from South America’s answer to Hillary Jones is the exact reason that everyone is ceaselessly reminded of big bad Bolsonaro by lockdown peddlers like Médecins Sans Frontières. It is also why I didn’t even know the President of Peru’s name until I read the aforementioned article while researching this essay (his name is Martín Vizcarra, for what it’s worth).

It is why governments around the world continue to double down, triple down and quadruple down on the endless folly of lockdowns and restrictions, despite the lack of hard evidence that they save any lives and the indisputable evidence that they directly kill and ruin many lives.

If the government does not lockdown and people die, then the government is to blame. But if the government does lockdown and people die, then the people are to blame.

What a waste of time the war in Afghanistan was

What strategic benefit will be gained from the US’ Afghan withdrawal coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of 9/11? Is it worth risking a single soldier being killed in action on, say, 10th September 2021, for the sake of sentimental dramatics?

September is five months away, and five months is a long time in politics, long enough for the war profiteers, unhinged neocons, and neoliberal fakes to conjure up more excuses to maintain the USA’s unwelcome presence in Afghanistan beyond the promised departure date. As with the continuation of the mad COVID restrictions, our duplicitous, manipulative leaders will simply move the goalposts.

The US has wasted the lives of more than 2,400 servicemen and women in Afghanistan, comparable to the number of Americans killed on 9/11. After that comes many thousands more life-changing injuries, soldier suicides, and bereaved families. It is doubtful that their sacrifice saved a single American life back home or elsewhere, but undeniable that the war itself killed thousands of innocent people needlessly.

The primary victims of this war were, of course, the Afghan civilian population. They never signed up for anything. Between January 2012 and February 2013, U.S. special operations airstrikes killed more than 200 people in north-eastern Afghanistan, of whom only 35 were the intended targets. During one five-month period of the operation, nearly 90 percent of the US airstrike victims were not the intended targets. In 2015, a Medicine San Frontieres-run hospital in Kunduz Province was mistakenly attacked by the US Air Force, killing at least 42 people and injuring many more.

Indeed, innocents do die in just wars, but the war in Afghanistan was not just, nor even coherent.

If it was about fighting Al Qaeda, why did the West simultaneously arm Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria and Libya, and rebrand them as “moderate rebels”? If the West’s grandstanding leaders thought all that blood and treasure was worth squandering to bring democracy and feminism to Afghanistan (as if), then why were they all so happy to suck up to Saudi Arabia? Also, what was the point of bombing the Taliban in their own country, when terrorists in the West are either homegrown or welcomed through the front door? It’s not as if Al Qaeda fired missiles at the Twin Towers from a silo in Kabul. It’s not like Bin Laden caused the subway explosions in London and Madrid from a remote device in his lair.

None of it adds up, morally or logically. But politicians who can barely admit wrongdoing over trivial misdeeds will never admit to having caused thousands of deaths needlessly. So they double down and keep killing. Nick Clegg apologized for betraying students over tuition fees, but never for his role in destroying Libya. Remember that now.

Breakfast show host lectures expert

On Monday 29th March, the popular ITV breakfast programme Good Morning Britain, hosted by Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd, held a debate concerning the government’s gradual easing of the current lockdown restrictions. The guests participating were Dr. John Lee, government advisor Susan Michie, and John Apter, the national chair of the Police Federation in England and Wales.

Apter is a standard-issue Covid era copper, doing his best to reasonably enforce unreasonable restrictions.

Susan Michie is a prominent member of SAGE, the government’s rather dubious pandemic advisory team that includes far left crackpots and weirdo behavioural psychologists. She has precisely no medical or scientific credentials, but she is a Communist Party member and behavioural psychologist who leads something called the “Centre for Behavioural Change” at UCL. Make of that what you will.

The one disease expert present was Dr. John Lee, a retired professor of pathology and former consultant histopathologist at Rotherham General Hospital. You might think that this highly distinguished NHS veteran might be entitled to a few more minutes than the other two, given his knowledge, acquired through decades of learning and practice. But alas, no, he wasn’t.

Apter spoke first for several minutes and was given three follow-up questions which he responded to, including the closing remarks at the end of the debate. His total airtime lasted for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Then it was Dr. Lee’s turn. He calmly stated that the pandemic could have been handled with a gentler and less draconian approach than the one the government pursued, that the resumption of normal life was “long overdue”, and that the scientific consensus only appears to support lockdown because dissenting voices are “not being heard”.

But Susanna Reid insisted that lockdown critics were being heard, and proved it by cutting him off as he began to divulge into the lack of evidence for asymptomatic transmission, before reinforcing the government’s official line and denying him a chance to respond.

“The fact of the matter is, we’ve had 126,000 deaths, and we know from the evidence that lockdown does work, when you introduce lockdown you reduce the spread and you reduce the deaths,” she said.

Ms. Reid, who is not, to my knowledge, an expert in the field of science, neither explained nor cited “the evidence” that lockdowns work (because there isn’t any). She also omitted the crucial fact that the 126,000 death toll is comprised of people who died for any reason within 28 days of a positive test for Covid19, not those who died exclusively from the disease.

Dr. Lee, who has repeatedly argued that lockdowns do not work and slammed the lax way Covid19 deaths are recorded in The Spectator last year, could only shake his head at Reid’s messaging, while Susan Michie nodded with gleeful approval. Dr. Lee’s contribution to the discussion lasted a meagre 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

Michie was then able to speak for 3 minutes and 8 seconds, warning against the terrifying risks of human beings socializing indoors and “touching surfaces”. (Oh, the horror!)

The psychologist and the policeman, both representatives of the state, were each given at least a minute more airtime than the independent medical expert. Ok, at least they allowed a dissenting scientist on at all, but Dr. Lee’s brief, swiftly discarded contribution hardly matches the reverential media treatment enjoyed by pro lockdown professors such as Neil Ferguson, who maintains a regular presence on the airwaves despite his record of failed modelling predictions.

The unjust dismissal of dissenting experts by journalists and commentators must be noted and called out for the dishonest trickery that it is. People need to realize that the alleged “scientific consensus” is actually a political consensus, mainly achieved through soft censorship and closed mindedness, not scientific evidence. Science and “The Science” are two very different things.

Piers Morgan may be gone, but the propaganda at Good Morning Britain goes on.

A recording of the exchange can be viewed here: