Covid vaccines: not merely dangerous, but rubbish!

For the Covid zealots, it wasn’t enough for children to have 16 months subtracted from their fleeting youth. The suicides, the self harming, the domestic abuse, the trashed educations and stolen memories were just a warm up. Now, the mad scientists tell us, your children must be jabbed with an emergency authorized vaccine, for which we have no long term data, against an illness that is less deadly to them than influenza, because the absolute safety of the “adult” population is the most important thing in the world.

On Newsnight earlier this week, John Edmunds of the (Gates funded) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine more or less called for everyone in the country to have their lives held hostage until at least secondary school age children were vaccinated.

‘If we can show it’s (the vaccine) safe, and I think we are still gathering data from where vaccine has been used overseas, in Israel and the US and elsewhere, I think that’s going to be the way we can put this epidemic behind us and children can move on.’

Hold on, I thought we already knew it was safe? Did Professor Edmunds just let slip that we still have inadequate safety data on these vaccines?

Public health commissar Devi Sridhar, a “Zero Covid” advocate and key advisor to the Scottish government, is more confident that the jabs are safe, or at least that’s what she wants the public to think. Appearing on Good Morning Britain last Monday, she falsely reassured viewers that “zero children have died because of the vaccine and its side effects,” while admitting, as if it was OK, that “there have been some very rare cases of children suffering from side effects”.

Zero children? The CDC is currently reviewing the death of 13 year old Jacob Clynick in Michigan who died three days after his second dose of a COVID vaccine. So that’s one.

Also on Monday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference in Milwaukee, where six vaccine injured persons told their stories. Among them was Maddie De Garay, who had been a happy, healthy 12-year-old before participating in the Pfizer vaccine trials last year.

“For the past five months, Maddie has been to the ER nine times, it has been hospitalized three times, for a total of two months in the hospital,” Maddie’s stricken mother Stephanie testified.

The key sentence from Mrs De Garay’s testimony was this: “She (Maddie) was totally fine before this.” Now her life is ruined.

The 2020 Pfizer trials involved 43,448 participants, but not a single COVID related death in either the Placebo group or the vaccinated group. The vaccine group had a severe adverse reaction rate of 0.6%, slightly higher than the 0.5% rate in the placebo group. Given that none of the participants in either control group died of COVID19, it’s amazing that no one concluded that perhaps COVID19 was not quite serious enough to warrant an emergency vaccination programme? Was a 95% effective vaccine really worth achieving given the severe side effects?

The esteemed microbiologist Professor Sucharit Bhakdi described the Pfizer trials as bullsh*t (21:00) last February noting that, “you don’t go around saying, “how many people got a cold in one group, so this vaccine has protected 150 people.”

He added, ” what they said … in the BioTech case was it was (there were) “ten severe cases in the control group and one severe case in the vaccinated group” .. you would vaccinate 20,000 people to save 9 people from severe (Covid). God knows what “severe” meant, they were not in the ICU.”

What happened to Maddie De Garay is just one of the many “very rare” cases of children suffering from side effects in the United States. Of course Devi Sridhar didn’t think to mention stories like Maddie’s, nor the case of the 13 year old boy in Michigan. She also failed to mention that the CDC is now acknowledging a link between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and Myocarditis young men and boys. It might have been worth her specifying some of these side effects, so that people at home didn’t think she only meant headaches and chills.

Last week, US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough told Fox News that the CDC was being “overwhelmed” with vaccine side effects reports through the VAERS system.

“The CDC every year with all the vaccines combined get about 16,000 safety reports and about 25 deaths reported to the VAERS system. So far with COVDI19 hey’ve received over 300,000 safety reports, over 6,000 deaths, nearly 20000 hospitalisations,” he said.

Meanwhile in Israel, researchers at Shamir Medical Centre have just linked the Pfizer vaccine with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare autoimmune disease that can trigger severe blood clots, potentially blocking the flow of oxygen to the heart, brain, and kidneys. Not looking good, is it?

In a civilised society, no responsible parent, doctor, or public health official would even contemplate administering a vaccine with such grim associations to people who didn’t need them. An emergency vaccine would only be given to those for whom the disease presents an immediate emergency, (which is not really the case even in the most vulnerable groups, as Chris Whitty himself admitted last year).

So why is there such urgency to vaccinate healthy children? Apparently, the frightful new “Delta variant” is uniquely contagious and spreading like wildfire among unvaccinated citizens, who will disproportionately be children. NIAID Director Tony Fauci urged parents to muzzle their unvaccinated children, (that’s right, gagging your children and making them feel like plague rats is what constitutes good parenting in 2021) and warned that anyone who is yet to be jabbed is at “considerable risk” from the new variant.

“When you have such a low level of vaccination superimposed upon a variant that has a high degree of efficiency of spread, what you are going to see among under-vaccinated regions, be that states, cities or counties, you’re going to see these individual types of blips, It’s almost like it’s going to be two Americas.”

A chilling prophesy. But do Fauci’s dire warning of “two Americas” stand up to scrutiny? To find out, let us take a look at the “two Britains” that have been created by the beastly Delta plague.

Okay, so the latest available ONS figures show that overall mortality in England and Wales is at normal levels, just 0.4% above the five year average. There were 9,459 deaths in England and Wales in week 24 compared with 9,976 deaths in the same week last year (when there were no COVID vaccines) and 9,445 in 2019. In other words, the Delta variant is having no noticeable or significant impact on mortality. Already, we can establish the current scaremongering from Fauci, Edmunds, Sridhar and the rest is fraudulent, as per usual.

COVID wise Absolutely nothing of any significance is happening in the UK, apart from the disturbing number of severe adverse reactions to the Yellow Card scheme, which is what makes the current push for child vaccination even more irresponsible. The false risk/benefit analysis from the government’s website states that  “several thousand deaths are expected to have occurred, naturally, within 7 days of the many millions of doses of vaccines administered so far, mostly in the elderly” as if to say, “they would have died anyway” but then states “At the time of this report, over 128,067 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus.”

Even someone, healthy or otherwise, dies within 7 days of a vaccine (an act of direct harm if the link is causal), it would have happened anyway and you shouldn’t worry, but if someone dies for any reason within 28 days of a positive test for COVID, this is a national emergency and you must be vaccinated even if you are not at risk. Comprende?

Outfits such the NHS and the World Health Organisation have rendered the vaccine useless by instructing even vaccinated citizens to continue wearing face coverings and conforming to social distancing rituals. If society has to be permanently restructured, people who are not at risk vaccinated, and booster jabs given every few months for it to work against a virus with an IFR of 0.15%, then the vaccine can’t be much use at all.

If you are prepared to surrender your bodily autonomy for a socially distanced, masked up holiday (if you can call it that) in Malta, be their guest. But you won’t be getting your life back. You have to take it back.

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