Why I will never have the Covid vaccine

I was initially undecided about getting the vaccine, though my gut instincts and knowledge told me I didn’t need it, given my age and health.

But when the “Don’t miss out on the good times” campaigns, aimed at my age group, was released on the airwaves last summer, threatening young people with miserable, lonely lives unless they got jabbed, I decided that I would never have this vaccine as a matter of principle. I still would not get the vaccine even if I was convinced that the benefits outweighed the risks for me.

People with good motives would not threaten other people into undergoing an unwanted medical intervention. People who are worth “keeping safe” would not want others to be coerced into a medical intervention for them, and if I was worth anything as a human being, I would not want to enter a nightclub vaccinated with my unvaccinated friends left outside, standing alone in the cold.

Most of my vaccinated friends only had the vaccine because they were coerced into getting it. They did not “choose” or consent to the vaccine.

I personally know four people who have suffered adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine, two seriously, one of whom only had it because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to visit her family overseas.

Everyone I know who has had Covid badly is vaccinated. These are not “myths”, and any doctor who call them such is a disgrace.

It distresses me that so many in medicine, politics, and the media continue to play down the side effects of the Covid vaccines. It must be particularly hurtful for those who have been injured by the vaccine, or who in relatively rare but needless cases, lost loved ones and friends to adverse vaccine reactions.

These injuries and deaths are not myths. We don’t have time for hindsight.


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